BlackHole APK – Download Latest Version

If you are worried about paid subscriptions and recurrent ads while streaming your favorite content! Blackhole APK is the solution. Blackhole Mod Apk is fast, ad-free, and requires no paid subscription. It offers 320 KBPS music, lyrics support, and a download option for offline streaming.

It is the best alternative to Spotify, Amazon, and YouTube as it is advertisement-free and requires no paid subscription for unlimited streaming.

Why Blackhole APK?

Blackhole APK is a music streaming app developed by Ankit Sagwan, a passionate developer and music lover. I chose it because it is free, simple, secure, and gives high-quality streaming without paid subscriptions or advertisements. It is quick, easy to handle, safe, and provides multiple language support. 

If you are a music lover, it is best to use the Blackhole APK for music streaming as it allows offline music streaming, saving battery health and data of your internet connection. It is the best alternative to YouTube and Spotify, which are paid options for the same features. More features are discussed below.

Download BlackHole APK

BlackHole For Windows 

Have a widow’s operating system! Blackhole has created a file for the Windows operating system to enjoy nonstop music without a paid subscription. Go to our Black Hole Window page and search ‘download blackhole .exe file.’ Download, install, and amuse yourself with unlimited songs with a high-quality experience. Balckhole ensures you are valuable and meaningful to us.

BlackHole For iOS

Do you have an iPad or iOS system? No worries. Blackhole cares about you. It is available on iPad and iOS devices. Visit our BlackHole iOS Page and search ‘download the .ipa file.’ Click.’ to download and install it, and enjoy a matchless music streaming experience on iPad and iOS devices. Say goodbye to paid subscriptions and ad hurdles in music streaming.

BlackHole APK MOD Features

High-quality songs

It offers high-quality streaming with low data. The maximum quality available is 360 kbps.

Lyrics support

You can access the lyrics of your favorite streamings and sing alongside your favorite tones. Lyrics support is one of the best features of Blackhole Apk.

User-friendly UI/UX

Its user-friendly interface makes it the best app for music streaming. It has a smooth theme that caches the user and is well-customized.


Equalizer allows you to adjust the sound pitch and frequency according to your needs. Boost, tweak, or preset options are available. Make your sound quality suitable for you and your hair. Its pitch is user-friendly, but you can adjust it to fit your needs and make a preset.

No subscription required

What I liked the most was that it was free, and no subscription was required to stream music. It allows unlimited streaming and quick, fast, and secure support without using a single penny. Premium platforms like Spotify, Resso, and YouTube must attract a subscription without any sign-up and price-hidden charges. It’s free, fast and secure.

Import file availability

It also allows you to import your file from other platforms, such as YouTube, Spotify, and Amazon, and then add it to the Blackhole app.

What’s New latest version Blackhole APK v1.15.11

  • More user-friendly User Experience and User interface.
  • Minor changes for customization.
  • Fixes the YouTube home page that was previously working for specific regions.
  • Fixes the YouTube import problems.
  • Spotify public library fixed.
  • It fixed the problem of playing the same song again and again.
  • Restore option fixed that was faulty previously.
  • Add more music platforms for more streaming.
Download BlackHole APK

More you can get in MOD Version:

Offline Listening

It lets you download music, save your battery and data, and listen offline. Downloaded content does not experience quality deterioration.

Multiple Languages Support

It supports more than 22 languages. You can select your native or favorite language and enjoy the music you love most.

Equipment Discount

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Add Favourite Options

You can save or bookmark your favorite song to “add favorite” for quick and easy access to your favorite music. Next time, it will be easy and quickly accessible for your beloved songs.

Open Source

Its open-source status means it is equally available on all Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, or iPad devices.

Sleep Timer Availability

You can set your sleep hours to stop listening to music during those hours, as you will be in deep sleep.

Final Words

To summarize the entire discussion, the Blackhole apk is secure, fast, user-friendly, advertisement-free, and does not require a paid subscription to enjoy music streaming. It is the best alternative to Spotify and YouTube, which are paid and have advertisement hurdles during streaming. Its installation is straightforward and equally available for Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, and iPad.

Absolutely yes! BlackHole APK is a fast, secure, and reliable app for those looking to enjoy high-quality music streams for free. It’s designed using the Flutter app, ensuring a user-friendly interface.

As it’s not available on the Play Store developed by Google due to certain policy violations, downloading and installing the app from the above download link is safe and easy.

You have several options if you want alternatives to BlackHole for streaming platforms. You can choose from several genres on apps like Spotify, JioSaavan, Resso, YouTube Music, Gaana, Wynk Music, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

However, remember that most of these alternatives require a paid subscription or contain ads during streaming, unlike BlackHole, which offers a free online music player experience without any barrier to a free subscription.

BlackHole APK provides precise, high-resolution music streaming access. It supports up to 320 KBPS for unlimited streaming and downloading, ensuring you can listen to quality music compared to other music service giants. This feature makes it a great choice for audiophiles who want to enjoy music offline in excellent quality and free of advertisement.

Downloading songs using the BlackHole app is fast and easy on your device. Just open the app, search for your desired song, and press the download icon next to the song name on your device.

The app also allows you to download multiple songs at once by selecting them from your favourite playlist. This feature allows you to enjoy music even without the internet.

To personalize your BlackHole as your device, theme-changing is simple. Follow the steps:

  • Open the app, press the menu icon, and select ‘Settings.’
  • Then, choose ‘Theme’ and select options that suit you, such as Dark, Light, Black, or Amoled Black.

You can also customize the colours and background gradient, making the app fit your device.

BlackHole APK is a free music app that offers free streaming without ads. It supports importing songs from platforms like Spotify, JioSaavan, Wynk Music, Amazon Music, Resso, YouTube Music, Gaana, and Apple Music, allowing users to experience music from different platforms.

You can also listen to songs offline, download them, and save your data and battery health. Additionally, it offers features like customized themes, a lyrics display option, and a vast music library, increasing your craving for a music experience.

Blackhole Mod has a fantastic feature that allows you to enjoy the lyrics of your favourite songs while listening. When playing a song, click on the lyrics button located near the button.

The lyrics will be synchronized with the music you are playing, allowing you to sing alongside or follow the words for an impressive experience.

BlackHole APK allows you to export playlists from Spotify, JioSaavan, Resso, and YouTube music apps. To import a playlist, open BlackHole, go to the settings option, select ‘Playlist,’ and then click ‘Import Playlist.’

Next, choose the app you want to import from your playlist, login, and give permission to access it. This unique feature helps you find new music and access your favourite tunes across different apps.